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Everything You Need for the Art of Mehndi

Browse our wide selection of Earth Henna™ Body Painting Kits, tattoo design stencils, henna powder, and other accessories. Unleash your inner mehndi artist with our high-quality temporary tattoo products!

(And don’t forget to check out our Henna Tip & Tricks page for useful tips on applying temporary tattoos.)

Earth Henna Premium Kit
Earth Henna Premium Kit
Earth Henna Classic Kit - Front
Earth Henna Classic Kit
Henna Tattoo Kit for Kids - Front
Kids' Henna Body Painting Kit
Earth Henna Refill Kit
Earth Henna Refill Kit
Earth Henna Bulk Refill Kit
Henna Refill Kit Bulk
Applicator Bottle
Mehndi book by Carine Fabius: Front cover
Mehndi: The Art of Henna Body ...
Eucalyptus Oil
Pure Eucalyptus Oil
Los Angeles Artists Series Temporary Tattoo Design Stencil Sheets
Los Angeles Artist Series
Temporary Tattoo Design Stencil Sheet for Kids
Stencils for Kids
Bakari Santos Tattoo Designs
Bakari Santos Series
Cola Smith Tattoo Designs
Cola Smith Designs
Akiyo Henna Tattoo Designs
Designs by Akiyo Henna
Erin McLaughlin Tattoo Designs
Erin McLaughlin Series
Hearts & Valentines Tattoo Designs
Hearts & Valentines
Lori Hunt Tattoo Designs
Lori Hunt Series
Marine Life Tattoo Designs by Cola Smith
Marine Life
Tribal-style Tattoo Designs
Tribal Series
Yoga Symbol and Pose Tattoo Designs
Yoga Designs
Zodiac Symbols Tattoo Designs
Zodiac Symbols