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Earth Henna Presents...EARTH JAGUA

IMPORTANT: Coming Price Change
We have not raised our prices in over 15 years. We are sorry to announce that due to unavoidable economic factors, on June 15 we will be raising the pricing on our products. Our high-quality henna kits and premium jagua gel boast the lowest prices on the market ever.
Take advantage of our hard-to-beat prices now!

Everything You Need for Temporary Black Tattoos

Browse our selection of Earth Jagua® tattoo kits, design stencils, jagua gel, and more. Here is the perfect solution for creating beautiful black tattoos that are temporary—but look like the real thing!

NOTE: The stencil transfer sheets that come with our Jagua tattoo kits can be re-used 5–6 times. But once you use them up—not to worry! You can replenish your supply just by downloading the free replacement sheets from our Freebies page.

(And don’t forget to check out our Jagua Instructions page to see how easy it is to apply temporary black jagua tattoos!)

Earth Jagua Premium Kit Blue - Front
Earth Jagua Premium Kit
Jagua Gel - 5 oz.
Jagua Gel - 9 oz.
Jagua book: Front cover
Jagua: A Journey into Body Art...
Land of Jagua DVD Cover
Land of Jagua: A Trip into the...