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Morocco Photos

Where Our Henna Comes From

You can’t make good henna tattoos without good raw materials. The North African country of Morocco is one of the most important regions in the world for the commercial production of this plant. We have been buying freshly harvested henna for our mehndi tattoo kits from the same Moroccan supplier since 1998. This is a trusted source, so you can be sure our henna powder is natural, unadulterated, and of the highest quality.

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Dunes in Morocco
Moroccan outpost
Moroccan city
Henna factory
Moroccan architecture
Moroccan souk
Farming in Morocco
Outskirts of town
Moroccan farmers
Farmers’ house
Henna farm
Henna plant
Making henna
Henna powder

“I love Earth Henna henna and solution. It is the best I have tried. I want to continue using it because I know that my clients will receive the highest quality henna there is. I like buying it directly from you because it is fresher.”

— Henna Body Art by Jen