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Free Tattoo Stencils


Each stencil can be reused 5–6 times!

  1. Download stencil sheet of choice to your phone or desktop.
  2. Print on plain paper from a LASER printer (not inkjet).
  3. Cut design of choice from sheet.
  4. Apply liberal amount of eucalyptus oil to skin. (You can find it in most any health food store or online. We also have eucalyptus oil available here at a great price!)
  5. Place stencil face-down on skin. Use your hand to hold it in place for 30 SECONDS, MINIMUM.
  6. Lift stencil. You will see design pattern on skin.
  7. Trace over it with jagua gel or henna paste.

(Click thumbnails below to view images enlarged.)

Hands, Wrists, and Rings

Free tattoo stencil (including instruction sheet with examples).

Hands Wrists Rings Stencil Hands Wrists Rings Stencil Examples

Download Stencil