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Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Techniques

Tips from Professional Mehndi Artists

Every once in a while, we get feedback, tips, and thoughtful suggestions from artists and users of our kits. We would like to share some of the ones we thought could be helpful. (To learn more, see our Henna Info and Henna FAQs pages.) Watch our Henna Kit tutorial below!

  • For best results, after mixing the paste, wait two hours before using.
  • If you would prefer a more fluid paste, it is okay to add 5–6 drops of water into the bottle. Just shake and use. You could also stop just short of filling the bottle completely, test the consistency to see if it is to your liking, and if needed, add drops of water and continue filling.
  • Leave the paste on the skin for a minimum of six hours—the longer the better, to ensure a lasting tattoo!
  • Make your lines thinner than you want them to be, because henna tends to spread. But try making thicker lines if you want the design to really show up!
  • It is always easier to pull your lines toward you than to push them outward. It offers greater control.
  • “When creating a mehndi design, put the weight on your pinkie to balance yourself; this way your hand doesn't touch the henna.” ~ Carla Cummings
  • “Don’t drink too much coffee before a mehndi sitting…and don’t forget to breathe!” ~ John Henning
  • Some people report getting even darker color when they dab the dried henna paste once or twice with a bit of eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball.
  • Just as designing with henna has a rhythm, the body has one one too. For example, when you paint a stomach or a back, the person will be breathing. It is important for you to try to follow the natural rhythm of the breath and to move your hand accordingly.
  • Keep a notebook for working out complicated designs, and to sketch out design elements that come to you on a day-to-day basis. This is also a great way to keep favorite designs all in one place.
  • Apply vaseline on your design before showering, swimming, or getting wet. This will help prolong the life of the tattoo.
  • If you happen to get some henna in the eye area, simply flush with water.

Try your hand at henna body painting today!

Applying a henna tattoo

“A henna design must have rhythm. In order for the design to have grace and beauty, there must be a rhythm to the lines and flow of the design. You wouldn’t mix geometrical shapes and flowers, for example.”

~ Carine Fabius
The Art of Henna Body Painting