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Gallery of Henna Tattoo Designs

Get Inspired!

When it comes to henna tattoo designs, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Big or small, simple or elaborate, mystical or whimsical, subtle or in-your-face, a henna tattoo is generally meant to be seen. It is a form of living art, a means of self-expression that draws attention to itself, that demands appreciation.

Click on the images in our gallery below and you will see just a small sampling of what is possible with planning, creativity—and some henna paste. Truly, the art of mehndi isn't just for the young and the hip, socialites and celebrities. For years people of every age and from every walk of life have used and enjoyed our Earth Henna® Body Painting Kits: men and women, parents and children, college kids and business people, liberals and conservatives, the shy and the uninhibited, techno-geeks and ministers’ wives.

Why is mehndi so universally popular? Well, it’s fun, for one thing. (Safe and harmless fun, we might add, backed by 5,000 years of tradition!) Part of the fun is that it is so personal, and yet public at the same time. And yes, when you apply a henna tattoo, you are making a statement. But it’s your statement. So use the photographs you see here to instruct you in the art, to spark ideas, and to give inspiration. And then let your imagination run wild!

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The reason the art of mehndi body painting is so popular in the West today is because there’s true magic in it: loving, positive, enriching magic.