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Henna Bulk Refill Kit

Henna Refill Kit Bulk

Henna Bulk Refill Kit


The henna Refill Kit Bulk contains 8.8g of henna, 2 solutions, and 1 cone bag. We recommend purchasing our applicator bottle separately, if needed, as it is not included in the bulk kit.


by jaime Mills on 07/24/19

Very much enjoyed the henna. Would totally buy it again.

by L. Hajnal on 07/24/19

easiest way to add Henna to your face or tattoo kits for fairs and festivals, less expensive that mixing and testing your own recipes, this Henna is the best and gives long lasting results, it is the only product I will purchase.

by L. Hajnal on 07/24/19

Earth Henna sells the best, easiest to mix and apply, the only product I rely on for fairs and festival the henna is long lasting,to buy it in bulk this way saves me even more money, No more mixing and testing my own recipes, I just mix and I am ready to go, Love it!

by M. Briand on 07/25/19

by Yvonne B. on 08/03/19

Great Product. Mixes up perfectly every time.

by L. Dyer on 08/28/19

The henna is amazing and is excellent. They are a reliable source because I have had bad experiences in the past. There is a lot of packaging but other than that it was excellent.

by E. Wallace on 09/03/19

Not only is Earth Henna easy to mix, easy to apply, and smells lovely, I'm also confident that it's a natural and safe product. And the refill kit is very cost effective, you won't find a better price if you grab a different brand at a random head shop, this is the stuff to buy.

by M. Walpole on 09/04/19

Love the ease of the mixing process

by K. Krug on 01/11/20

I love that you can buy refills for this cheap for whichever bulk kit you decide to buy

by Joyce M. on 04/21/20

We use a lot of henna. Earth Henna is our favorite brand. It is easy to mix and the refill is enough that I can let my 3 girls experiment with designs and still have enough left over for myself. We often have friends over for henna parties. Only once did we have a problem with the refill. But after contacting Earth Henna, they quickly made it right. Thank you Earth Henna for making an affordable option once we have the bottles and design needles.