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The Invitation

The Invitation

The Invitation


From Short Stories About Us
By Carine Fabius

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Eight friends receive an enigmatic invitation from a friend to attend his funeral. The host turns out to be Narcissus. But what are the true identities of his guests? A Greek mythology comes to life, replete with gods from around the world.

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Funeral Invitation

Queenie Kennedy re-read the enigmatic Evite. What the hell? Is this guy sick? Dying? Already dead? One of her students had forwarded the invitation to the affair with a note stressing the host’s identity (yes, it’s him, the one and only!), insisting that she had to be there. Obviously Queenie knew of the host—who didn’t? A wave of impatience rippled through her body, and she glanced at the coconut-hulled, goatskin drum leaning in the right-hand corner of her airy Los Feliz living room. Three shades dominated the sandalwood-scented space: cranberry red—her three-seater sofa; fern-green—a cloth draped over the drum; and yellow—the saffron throw pillows that matched the rug covering her varnished wood floor. The Jamaica native was usually even-tempered, but right now, restlessness loomed as she flicked waist-length braids off her lined, almond-shaped face. The green corner beckoned; Queenie suddenly felt like beating on the thing.…

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