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Safe, All-natural, Dermatologically Tested Henna and Jagua
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Henna Body Art Is for Everyone!

Henna and jagua tattoos are fun, safe, easy, beautiful...and temporary. And there is no PPD in Earth Henna products — only pure henna from a Moroccan farm, and super-quality jagua juice from the Amazon!

Our Story

How the Original Earth Henna Body Painting Kit Came to Be

In 1997, my wife Carine Fabius and I opened the first temporary henna tattoo studio in the United States. Unprecedented media attention followed, and we soon realized that people wanted an easy-to-use henna tattoo kit for home use.

The search for good-quality henna took me to the outer limits of the Sahara desert, where I met a Berber family of henna farmers in Morocco. I watched them harvest the plant and bring it to the mill, where the dried leaves are turned to powder, then sifted to ensure a flawless application....   [continues...]