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    Temp Tat News — PPD

    5 Things I Love About Henna

    5 Things I Love About Henna

    1. I’m a writer, so I love words. I can write a word I love on my body with henna, and there it will stay for 7-10 days. Like ineffable, which means incapable of being described with words, like life! 
    1. I’m also an author, an art dealer and a freelance museum curator. Creating henna tattoo kits is my day job. I’m so happy that, like my other cherished pursuits, henna body art falls into the creative arts group. 
    1. Curating museum exhibitions and writing books requires research into the history of the subject matter at hand, which I love. Investigating the 5,000-year-old henna body artform brought me such magical knowledge about henna cultures throughout India, Africa and the Middle East! I am richer for it. And speaking of 5,000 years, it occurred to me that I’ve been saying henna is a 5000-year-old artform for about 20 years now. So it’s official, henna is a 5020-year-old artform! 
    1. While we’re on the subject of magic, in case you didn’t know, in all the different countries where henna grows, people believe the plant is infused with magical properties, and that whoever is painted with henna will be gifted with love, luck and prosperity. 
    1. I have witnessed people waiting in line for as long as 4 hours to get a henna tattoo (like at Vidcon last year). No matter how cranky they are by the time their turn comes, they always leave with a smile. Henna makes people happy!

    The Latest From The FDA On Temporary Tattoos

    The FDA is not in the business of approving cosmetics before they go on the market, but it can and does take action against any product it deems potentially harmful to consumers.

    Every year the agency puts out an advisory warning people against “black henna.” This year’s advisory is no different, except that it looked at a number of temporary tattoos currently available on the market, including:

    •  Transfers and decals
    •  Henna tattoos
    •  Black henna tattoos with PPD (p-phenylenediamine)
    •  Jagua

    The advisory’s conclusions are that allergic reactions to pure henna are negligible; that anyone in their right mind should stay away from so-called “black henna;” and for the first time officially acknowledges jagua as the new temporary tattoo kid on the block. As taken from the advisory:

    -- Jagua tattoos
    -- From unripened fruit of S. American tree
    -- Used by indigenous Amazonian tribes to stain skin
    -- Deep blue-black color formed

    Apart from a general classification of what a temporary jagua tattoo is, the agency issued zero warning against it.

    You’re caught up!