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    Co-Owner, Pascal Giacomini with the Matsés people in the Amazon.Twenty years ago, Earth Henna was founded not only with the goal to create best quality henna and jagua temporary tattoo kits but also to operate with fair trade practices and the well being of our suppliers in mind. Since the beginning of Earth Henna, we have helped an economically-disadvantaged family of Moroccan Farmers, who provide us with henna, as well as the impoverished Indigenous Matsés people in the Amazon, who provide us with jagua. We give a community of 200 Matsés people malaria medication every year; and this year we are paying for the digging of a new well for our Moroccan farmers, who have been devastated by extreme drought. So remember, when you buy one of our gorgeous henna or jagua tattoo kits, a portion of every sale goes towards helping our supplier partners. At Earth Henna Earth Jagua, we don't just follow fair trade practices, we believe in a global community.