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    Redefining “Cool”

    Growing natively in South America, the jagua fruit has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous people throughout the Amazon and elsewhere for creating stunning body art. Like henna tattoos (which are reddish in color), temporary tattoos made with the juice of the jagua fruit fade gradually as the skin exfoliates. The only difference is that jagua tattoos are black as black can be.

    The photos in our gallery represent just a small sampling of what is possible with planning, creativity—and our Earth Jagua gel. If you’re not ready to commit to permanent body art on your skin, this is the perfection solution to creating a temporary black tattoo—that looks just like the real thing!

    (For more photos, see also our Henna Gallery and Lookbook!)

    The jagua fruit must still be acknowledged for its
    natural ability to transform—transformation being
    the not-so-subtle, if often unconscious, goal of
    anyone who takes pleasure in body modification.