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    Jagua Kits

    Beautiful Temporary Black Tattoo Kits!

    Our Earth Jagua Kits are the most user-friendly, reasonably priced kits on the market for creating beautiful, custom temporary black tattoos on yourself or your friends. These high-quality body painting kits are safe, easy to use—and fun! (Note: our kits also include a selection of unique, reusable stencil designs to help you get started.)

    Earth Jagua Premium Kit Blue $26.00 $22.10
    Earth Jagua Classic Kit Plum $25.50 $21.67
    Earth Jagua Classic Kit Black $25.50 $21.67
    Jagua Refill Kit $17.00 $12.75
    Jagua Bundle $43.00
    JAGUA 9oz $69.95
    JAGUA 5oz $39.95
    JAGUA 2.5oz $24.95
    Gift Card From $10.00