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    Temp Tat News

    All That Glitters For Christmas

    All That Glitters For Christmas

    Festival season may be over but Christmas competes big time as the season where glitter and bling come alive. This is the time of year when blinking lights do not mean a flashing red traffic signal, which generally portends long wait times and frustration. No, at Chrismas, we LOVE flashing lights! They're so cute, so fairy-like, so whimsical. Come December, my husband has to stop me from draping a string of lights across our couch, our bed, the dog's bed, and the oven! This year, I discovered laster Christmas lights, and you should see my front yard! I feel like I died and went to Christmas heaven.

    That must be why I suddenly feel like getting a White Henna Glitter Tattoo. That shiny, glimmery, glitzy, twinkling design just seems so appropriate right about now, don't you think? I'm a total jewelry fiend. My father was in the biz; I used to represent jewelry designers when I was in the PR business; I've designed jewelry for years, and people give me jewelry all the time. I wear every single piece that I own. After figuring out what clothes I'm going to wear, I love nothing more than spending time gazing upon my fab jewelry collection to see which of my favorite necklaces, earrings and bracelets I'll wear on any given day.

    But I feel like the season calls for more glinty and scintillating body adornment! And the coolest part is that you can so easily peel off your glitter design at the end of a soiree and then start all over the next day because that's exactly how glitter tattoos are meant to be used. With henna tattoos and jagua tattoos, you're rocking your design for one to two weeks, which is awesome. But sometimes, and especially now, when holiday party invitations seem to arrive in the old inbox on a daily basis, you just want to show up wearing something that reflects the merriness of the season. And if you haven't yet received a holiday party invitation, just start walking around showing off your glitter tattoo, and I guarantee people will start following you around, wanting to know Where did you get that? And next thing you know, you'll be the next IT girl wherever you go.

    Check it out, creating your own white henna glitter tattoo is so easy. Our Earth Henna kits come with everything you need to make your body come alive with the mood of the Christmas season. And for those of you who are a little more demure when it comes to your body ornamentation, white henna tattoos, which look just like white lacy snow, also reflect the spirit of a white Christmas. Have fun!



    I swear, if I read about one more guy losing his job over allegations of sexualized behavior on the job, sexual assault or rape, I can't decide if I'm going to run outside screaming for joy or grief. Hmm. Now that I think about it, it will be for joy. 

    It's about time the world started paying attention to women's stories of bullshit and/or criminal treatment from men. I mean--and this is a really, really old question--what part of no didn't they understand? Did the word need to be written in large, bold letters in red paint on the wall for them to see it?

    Hey, I just thought of a new use for henna! As you know, creating beautiful temporary body art is the way henna is typically used. And henna tattoos come from an old tradition of beliefs around the plant's ability to bring love, luck and prosperity. But you can also use henna to write words and messages on your body. How about the word STOP. I think it would be a really cool way for a woman to put a potentially abusive guy on notice or give him a strong reminder that the answer is NO. 

    Theoretical situation: Your male boss comes up to you at the water cooler and slips you a note saying something like I bought you a gift at the sex shop. Would love to show you how to use it. You read it, then look up at him and hold your hand up, palm facing outward toward his face. The word written on your hand is STOP. You do not smile. You just look into his eyes and keep your hand up for 5 seconds. Message delivered. 

    Who says henna isn't about love and luck and prosperity? Your boss walks away one lucky bastard for not having pushed the point. You love yourself for standing your ground. Prosperity? Hmm. In this case, maybe your newfound self-esteem pushes you to go after, and land his job and paycheck! Thanks, henna!

    You too can write simple words on your body with henna, or jagua too! Our Earth Henna henna kits and jagua kits make it so easy. Happy to be of service!

    Thanksgiving Activities

    Thanksgiving Activities

    What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year besides eating, eating and eating? And trying to avoid discussing politics with your Trump-supporting relatives? And attempting to explain why the special dish you made didn't come out as planned? Or getting stuck doing massive cleanup after the big meal? Or after you finish going around the room stating why you feel grateful for the wonderful people in your life, your health,

    your dog, and that you have a roof over your head?

    I have an idea! Henna tattoos! Or jagua tattoos! or White Henna/Silver Glitter tattoos! I swear you'll have more fun than playing scrabble or any other game someone decides to bring to the table. Seriously, I'm not just saying this because we're the makers of Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Kits. Well, maybe just a little bit. But, really. It's from years of experiencing being in a group setting and busting out a henna kit, and then sitting back and watching as an artist in the crowd steps forward to offer everyone henna designs. If there are 50 people in the room, 49 of them want one. And the 50th person usually says something like, "I'm dying to do it but I'm going to a spa later and will be sitting in hot water for hours!" And then she goes off, sits in a corner and cries. This makes me feel really bad for her, so I go sit next to her, rub her back, tell her everything will be alright, and that I'll send her a henna kit in the mail so she can do it on her own.

    It's true. If an artist doesn't magically happen to be at your gathering, the stencil transfers that come in the kit are so easy to use that an 8-year-old could do it. Just ask all the moms who buy our Earth Henna Kit for Kids.

    So this Thanksgiving, make all your friends and family happy before or after dinner by bringing your Earth Henna kit to your party. It will make them feel grateful all over, especially for you!

    Visit our website at to get your kit in time for Thanksgiving! We're having a 15% off sale right now!



    Tattoo Lovers: Try Jagua First!

    Tattoo Lovers: Try Jagua First!

    So you're thinking about getting a tattoo, but you're not sure what to get. And this is important since you'll be looking at your tattoo for the rest of your life, right? I know this seems like an obvious thing to say, but sometimes what's obvious for some is hiding in plain sight for others: jagua tattoos look just like permanent tattoos, except they last two weeks.

    We were at a tattoo convention once, and a young woman walked into our booth and asked the artist for a design she was thinking about getting as a permanent tattoo. The next day, she came back, showed us her design (as you know it takes 24-48 hours for both henna and jagua stains to develop on the skin). Even though she had only waited 24 hours, she knew she loved it. She walked right across the aisle to one of the tattoo artists and requested the very same design on another part of her body. That was like, wow! Sometimes you just know what you want, I guess.

    With jagua, you can live with a design for two weeks before making the big decision. And unlike that woman, most people have a much harder time making up their minds about something as important as permanent body art. So, if you're trying to decide which tattoo you might want for eternity, I highly recommend trying out a jagua tattoo first. They're gorgeous; their blue/black color looks just like the real thing, there's no pain, no needles, you can change your mind if you want to, and they last two weeks! 

    Our Earth Henna black Jagua Tattoo kits come with everything you need to create your own design. The stencil transfers that come included in the kit make it super easy. But if you have a specific design in mind and you don't know how to draw, I suggest you ask an artist friend to do it for you so you can get a real sense of how it will look. Why not give yourself some options when it's so simple to get a preview? 

    Visit our website at, and check out our various jagua tattoo kits!


    Halloween May Be Over But...

    Halloween May Be Over But...

    There is one more mysterious and magical activity you can partake in with jagua as your guide. In my last post, I suggested you get together with friends and shrink somebody's head as a fun and scary idea for Halloween. This one is a little more subtle, though. You can disappear!

    I don't know about you but when I first heard of the "cloak of invisibility" in the first Harry Potter movie, I totally wanted one. But magical and mystical powers don't usually work the way they show it in the movies. The end result is the same but how you get there is often a little more earthly. 

    In my book, Jagua, A Journey into Body Art from the Amazon, there's a chapter called Jagua Magic, which recounts the many magical myths and belief systems of various Indigenous groups in the Amazon around the jagua fruit. When it comes to the belief around jagua helping people achieve invisibility, it's easy to understand how it came about: when certain tribes would head out to attack another tribe, the members would paint their entire bodies with jagua, turning them black, and thus easily camouflaged and impossible to see as they moved stealthily through the forest, especially at night! Hence, jagua = invisibility.

    Another evidence of jagua's power to confer invisibility is entwined with the Indigenous Kuna people's beliefs around the soul's perilous "Journey of the Dead." A shaman stands over the deceased and uses special chants, amulets, plants and seeds needed to help the soul through multiple dangers and traps, including swimming through roiled rivers and boiling waters, leagues of hungry alligators, oceans of giant sharks, as well as scaling of rigorous, snake-infested mountains. PLUS, the soul needs to travel through dwellings where trapped souls will do anything to stop this spirit's forward motion to heaven.

    For this purpose, the shaman brings with him the sacred fruit of the jagua tree to paint the soul black so that it may avoid detection by these dreaded trapped spirits. Once the soul has successfully overcome these trials, he will vanish into a void for a long period of time. When he emerges, he will be a purified, immortal and superior being charged with overseeing the fate of humans in the physical world. So, not only can jagua make you invisible, it also helps turn you into a superhero! 

    But does it really work? You may ask. Well here's the proof, provided by Felicia, a friend whose forehead was painted with a  pretty jagua design before she knew about an unexpected trip to New York. The only problem was she had lost her I.D. and her passport was expired. But she decided to try anyway, in spite of her prominent facial tattoo, and here's her report:

    “I was never stopped,” she said. “From the ticketing agent to the security people, they just waved me on through.”

    Anyone traveling in post 9/11 America knows that this is impossible. Two weeks later, her tattoo had faded, and Felicia flew back to Los Angeles, again with no I.D. and an expired passport; and, here's what she told us:

    “Every step of the way, I was the only one chosen for a random search.”

    If you need to be invisible for any reason, I suggest you get yourself to our website at and get yourself a jagua tattoo kit. It works!

    Photo: Felicia with her facial tattoo