Land of Jagua: A Trip into the Heart of the Amazon


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The jagua fruit (which forms the main ingredient in our Black Jagua Tattoo Kit) is not native to the United States. In fact, it grows wild primarily in South America, and is quite difficult to find. In this fascinating 30-minute documentary DVD, join artist/ photographer and Earth Henna co-owner Pascal Giacomini as he travels from Los Angeles into the remote reaches of the rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon in search of this elusive fruit. Upon arrival, he spends weeks with the indigenous Matsés, who help him locate and harvest the fruit and then process it into the base extract for our kits. (The full narrative of this exciting journey, including photographs, is recounted in the newly published book by Carine Fabius, Jagua: A Journey into Body Art from the Amazon.)


Still Photos from Pascal's Journey

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view of the river village houses two kids looking out a window indian man making jagua juice big jungle tree

Photos by Pascal Giacomini — © 2009 Lakaye Studio

Land of Jagua DVD — Sample Video Clip

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