Carine Talks Lipstick!

Carine Fabius is owner of Earth Henna and Earth Jagua. She is also an author, blogger, and lipstick enthusiast! On this page she will be posting regular articles (her own and others'), as well as issues of note on lipstick. If you'd like to receive a notice when she posts something new, be sure to join our mailing list by registering now!


Lipstick, I Can't Live Without You

By Carine Fabius

Read Carine's love (and hate) letter to lipstick.

From The Huffington Post

26 November 2009

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I love you, Lipstick.

I hate you, Lipstick.

I'm addicted to you. Without you I am much the same as when my computer crashes — stuck in a dry wasteland of lack. My junkie lips crave the moisture only you can provide. Bare lips no longer feel natural, but desperately in need of a lick instead. How did I get here?

Oh, right. God gave me blah, gray-ish, uninspiring lips; the upper lip is darker than the lower lip. There is a natural lip-liner thing going on — which sounds good but doesn't look so great in real life. When I wear you, Lipstick, I feel better. I look better. Prettier, livelier, not so blah. I may be imagining this but I think people react to me in a different way too.


My Lipstick and Me

By Carine Fabius

Carine explores lipstick's history and finds that women have endured such trials and tribulations over the waxy stick that wearing it amounts to a political statement!

From Fifty Is the New...

19 May 2010

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And now for something really important amidst all the issues in our world.... My artist friend David Gibson and I were hanging out the other day when the subject of lipstick came up. He’d noticed several small, colorful bottles on my desk — a new line of herbal lip dyes that I sell through my temporary body art business. Anyone who knows me is aware that I never go a day without lipstick.

Our fearless leader, Cathy Fischer (who started Fifty Is the New...), likes to tell people about the time she asked a bunch of women gathered at my house to count the lipsticks in their purses. The one with the most lipsticks wins.... I clocked in at 17 tubes. (That was then! I only carry one at a time now). I even wrote a recent blog for Huffington Post (see above) entitled "Lipstick, I Can’t Live Without You." What can I say? I’m serious about Lipstick. But, back to David.


Put on some'll make you feel better

By K.J. Dougherty

This lovely essay on how lipstick made the author feel better through some of her most challenging moments will make you feel warm all over, or, like lipstick, it'll make you feel better.

From BlogHer: Life Well Said

13 January 2009

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"Go put on some'll make you feel better." This little piece of sage advice is the one thing that my mother has offered me when I've called her sharing some great tragedy (fought with friend, breakup with boyfriend, fiancé calls off wedding, fired from job, get sick). I know how it sounds when I've told people that this is what my mother has offered me to pull me through situations. However, as I look's really not bad as far as advice goes.