Henna Hair Color Treatment: Neutral

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Light Mountain Natural® Hair Color & Conditioner

100% Pure Botanical Hair Color
Net Wt. 4 oz. /113 gm

Safe • Effective • Natural

The best-selling natural hair coloring and conditioner in the natural foods industry. Includes full, detailed instructions. This is the finest, 100% pure henna-and-botanicals hair treatment available on the world market.

Please note: This treatment has only a conditioning effect, and does not change the color of the hair.


  • 100% pure botanical hair color containing natural henna (Cassia auriculata and Lawsonia inermis).
  • Henna cap and gloves.
  • Complete step-by-step instructions.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals: peroxide- & ammonia-free.
  • No animal testing was conducted in the manufacture of this product.


Please read and follow enclosed instructions to ensure proper results. Always strand-test for color prior to full application.

Original Light Mountain Natural® Color & Conditioner

Original Hair Color
Neutral Hair Coloring

This color chart is only an approximation of the results that can be achieved when using Light Mountain Hair Coloring products. Actual results will vary, depending on your natural hair color and other factors. Therefore, it is essential to do a swatch test before applying any coloring agent to your hair to see exact results.

For additional shading effects on various types of hair,
see the complete Light Mountain Natural Hair Color Chart »

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