Christian Symbols 1

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About the Christian Symbols Series 1 Designs Tattoo Stencil Transfer

This stencil pack was designed especially for those who would like to express their Christian faith in a fun and artistic way: as body art! (The word henna is mentioned several times in the Bible.) Here are the symbols and their meanings:

  1. Christ and Mary
  2. Latin Cross
  3. Monogram of Christ
  4. Coptic Cross
  5. Greek word meaning "fish"
  6. Signum Dei
  7. Monogram of Jesus
  8. Jesus Christ, Savior
  9. Monogram of Jesus
  10. Monogram of Mary
  11. Mother of God
  12. Alpha and Omega
  13. Early Christian fish symbol

To be used per instructions in the Earth Henna Body Painting Kit or the Earth Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo Kit. Contains 1 stencil sheet and 1 bottle of eucalyptus oil.

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