EarthHenna Premium Kit

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About the EarthHenna Premium Kit

tattoo stencil transfer sheets

All-natural — Safe — Dermatologically Tested

The Original Earth Henna Body Painting Kit is the most user-friendly kit on the market for creating beautiful temporary tattoos on your own body or for your friends. Each kit comes with all the ingredients you need to start creating your own body art today:

  • Pre-measured natural henna powder directly from the fields of Morocco
  • Pre-measured henna mixing solution for making henna paste
  • Four grams of eucalyptus oil for applying stencil designs.
  • Two reusable stencil transfer sheets with easy-to-apply designs
  • Plastic squeeze bottle applicator with fine tip (used by professional henna artists!)
  • Clear step-by-step instructions on how to mix the solution and apply your Mehndi designs, along with invaluable tips & techniques from professional Mehndi artists
  • Cotton bag for storage of unused supplies

Makes 30–40 designs!

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Kit Instructions

  1. Pour contents of Henna Powder packet into plastic cone. (If your kit contains a plastic cone already filled with henna powder, skip to step 2.)
  2. Pour contents of Earth Henna® Solution into plastic cone. Reseal plastic cone and mix together by massaging between palms for three minutes or more until all lumps are gone.
  3. Pour entire contents of pack marked Dextrose into henna paste. Massage between palms for another three minutes.
  4. Using a pen, push henna paste toward tip of cone. Cut a tiny hole at tip of cone. Insert cone tip into plastic applicator bottle. Squeeze Earth Henna® paste into bottle until full. Occasionally tap bottle on counter to help paste settle at bottom. Seal plastic cone with tape and refrigerate remaining henna paste.
  5. Twist applicator tip and cap onto bottle and close tightly.
  6. Start with clean, dry skin. Apply a light layer of Eucalyptus Oil onto skin.
  7. Squeeze plastic bottle to release henna and create your design. Do not let metal tip touch skin. (If you are not drawing freehand, see "Stencil Transfer Process" on next page)
  8. Let henna paste dry; this should take about 20-30 minutes. Leave on skin for four to six hours (or more) for best results. If done at night, wrap area with toilet paper and tape before going to bed.
  9. Peel off dried henna paste with fingers, or rinse off with warm running water. If some of it has already fallen off on its own, that's okay.
  10. You will see very little color when your first remove paste. THIS IS NORMAL. Henna design will develop from orange to traditional deep reddish-brown color over the next two days.
  11. Refrigerate any remaining henna paste. Be sure to squeeze air out of bottle before closing. To do this, squeeze bottle until henna paste rises to the top and close bottle with original cap. The bottle will look warped and funny but it will keep the henna fresh for longer period of time.

Stencil Transfer Process

  1. Using scissors, cut stencil design of choice from stencil sheet.
  2. (Fold top of packet back and save for repeat usage.) Apply a light layer of Eucalyptus Oil onto skin. Place stencil dark side down. Apply pressure for a full 30 seconds  and remove. You will see outline of stencil on skin.
  3. Squeeze plastic bottle to release henna paste and slowlytrace over outline of stencil with henna. Complete design by filling in between the lines with henna. Black outline will disappear, leaving reddish brown henna color.
  4. Allow paste to dry and follow instructions above.
  5. Each stencil may be re-used up to six times.

Useful Tips

  1. Soak applicator tip and cap in hot water after use to avoid clogging.
  2. Use toothpicks to even out lines.
  3. Use straight pin or needle to clean or unclog metal tip.
  4. If you begin to feel a strain on your hand as you draw, unscrew cap loose, re-shut cap to release air pressure and tap bottle down.
  5. Keep contents away from children and eye area.
  6. Do not eat or swallow. To be used on skin only.
  7. For topical use only. Do not ingest.

Information and Health Warnings

    Ingredients: Henna powder, water, benzyl alcohol, citric acid, disodium EDTA, lactic acid.

    Earth Henna® paste is safe and all-natural. However, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon (think strawbwerries and peanuts).

    For your safety, please follow these recommended guidelines.

    • Before using Earth Henna® paste, do a skin patch test first. Place a small amount of product on the skin; leave on for 2-3 hours and rinse off with water. Wait 4-5 hours before proceeding.
    • If you are taking any medications, or have any known allergies, check with your doctor before using Earth Henna® paste.
    • We recommend waiting until tattoo has completely disappeared before making a second application on the same spot.
    • All persons using Earth Henna® paste should check the ingredients list for potential allergic reactions.
    • For external use only. Do not eat or swallow. Keep contents away from children.
    • Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, flush with water.


Earth Henna FAQ

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N. Limon

First off, your product is the absolute best. I had researched and studied henna and mehndi for well over a year when I stumbled upon your product in one of my favorite stores. I've used all sorts of henna pastes, stencils, etc. from traditional import shops. But I've found Earth Henna to be just awesome and it lasts sooooo long, and the supply is always more than enough. Any my question: Since moving back from Toronto I have not found any places to get some good Eucalyptus oil so I count on the oil that comes in your packages. Well, I've managed to have a few spills and I'm wondering if you sell just bottles of the oil? If not, I would so appreciate a good reference to a supplier. Thanks a million! And thanks for making my mehndi work so much easier and consistent with your product. You rock! (P.S. The book is great too!)

star star star star star



I received my Earth Henna kit a few weeks ago and I think that your product is wonderful. This is my first time using henna and I have friends lined up wanting to be my guinea pigs. Thanks so much. But I do have one question. Have any of your customers mentioned anything about their designs darkening within the next day after application? I did a foot piece my first time on my husband, and was a bit disappointed that it was not as dark as I had hoped. Then the next day, the stain had darkened and was a beautiful burnt sienna color. I was so pleased! Is this common? Do you think it has anything to do w/ the paste sitting refrigerated after a length of time? Thanks for your time and a great product! I will order a larger batch soon.

star star star star star


A. Adams

Hello : ) My name is Amy. I have my own business called Charmed Touch in Alameda, CA. I am a manicurist who dabbles with Henna ~ I've recently tried your product for the first time. I must say I've tried many Henna Products but yours is far more superior than any that I've tried.

star star star star star


N. biring

I love your Henna kits! I was asked this weekend by my 19 year old nephew if there was such a thing as "black" henna versus the reddish colored henna. Is there such a thing? If so, do you know how I can acquire it for him Thank you so much for your time! Peace and Light

star star star star star


R. walsh

The henna was fresh and good quality. I kept leftover mix in the fridge for a month and retouched the "tattoos". Worked best on palms, but I still have one on my belly (4 weeks!). I put henna on in the evening and left it on all evening and overnight. Loved it.

star star star star star


G. Chieppa

This kit is completely worth the price. One could easily pay this amount for only one small design. With this kit one may create dozens of tattoos. Additionally, the expected life of the henna is surpassed, as the henna lasts for weeks if refrigerated (and air is removed from bottle properly). Great idea for groups of children/parties!

star star star star star


S. Young

I thoroughly enjoyed this product. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The stencils provided allowed me to make great designs as a beginner. I was able to do it for my sisters as well and all of their friends wanted a henna tattoo too! The only problem I ran into was the tip getting clogged. It was simple to fix by rinsing or soaking it in hot water. The clogs would happen most often when the henna was still fairly cold (just after getting it out of the refrigerator). And the amount of henna you are given can honestly do 30 of the stencil designs. Tattoos were dark for about a week if the paste was left on for a solid six hours. The color deepened over 24 hours after removing the paste. The longer the paste stays on, the better the tattoo will be.

star star star star star


M. Gomez

I recently purchased a 'kit' from you and am quite satisfied with the results of the stain on my hand....the color is rich and consistent.

star star star star star


T. Tran

This product was exactly what I was looking for. An easy to follow kit, which had everything I needed to start doing Henna body art in my business. I have tried others, and this is by far the BEST!

star star star star star


A. Marty

Watch out for leaks in your bag. Will stink up your room (eucalyptus oil? maybe) just sitting in the box. Depends how you like that smell. Art stencils are transfers that look like a cheap xerox copy paper with designs folded in your box. Supposivly transfer with the oil, dunno they looked cheapy hand drawn with 2 tribals in there. Much harder than it seems to draw, much like drawing with toothpaste out of a large needle but you have to let it stain the skin. Directions say for 6hrs, i did 2.