Jagua Tattoo Images — Gallery #7

Travel Photos from the Peruvian Amazon

In September 2008, Pascal Giacomini, co-owner of Lakaye Studio, traveled to the Peruvian Amazon to look for the jagua fruit, which grows in the region, and is used to create the all-natural black temporary tattoos made easy with our Earth Jagua body painting kit. Here is a photo travelogue depicting scenes of his time in the jungle, as well as the life and culture of several indigenous groups living on the Peruvian Amazon River.

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Photos by Pascal Giacomini — © 2009 Lakaye Studio

jungle village bridge village main street canoes on the river, morning view of the river village houses two kids looking out a window making jagua juice handcrafted hunting spears indian with hands stained with jagua juice tribal chief indian woman indian man hunters standing by a wall daniel women in traditional mode for annual fiesta young indian man Getting ready for annual fiesta man in the forest big jungle tree parrot on a branch river butterflies jungle at night